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IMAGINE OUTDOOR ADVERTISING LTD. is Canada’s newest and most innovative Out-of-Home Advertising provider. By focusing our business on premium Digital Out-of-Home advertising products, we offer the ability for our clients to not just promote their brand but engage with consumers. In addition, our growing network of traditional advertising signs situated at strategic locations will also help our clients leave a lasting impression on their intended audience.
Led by over a decade of experience from Canada’s most reputable Out-of-Home Advertising companies in North America, IMAGINE OUTDOOR ADVERTISING will quickly become an industry leader and we invite your business to be a part of our journey of becoming Canada’s fastest growing advertising provider.

OUR MISSION is to connect, engage and interact brands with buyers by offering a network of iconic advertising locations strategically placed in major markets throughout the country.



Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere

— Albert Einstein —



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Unlike what the competition offers, IMAGINE Outdoor Advertising’s Sign Location Agreement is tailored to each respective landowner’s needs. We will work with you to ensure that each and every item is understood by both parties and that one another’s expectations are crystal clear prior to executing our location agreement. Our commitment to you is that we will never post advertising copy which conflicts with the business at the locations where our sign exists. We will always communicate to you. Most importantly, we will always ensure that our financial obligations are paid on time as agreed, no exceptions.


Once we have chosen mutually agreeable locations on your property for the sign structure installation and when we agree on lease terms for the location partnership agreement, IMAGINE’s team of experienced professionals will go to work! We guarantee to work closely with various Municipal Planning Departments to ensure smooth and timely approvals. Most notably we assume all costs associated with required permitting, legal costs associated with obtaining such permitting (when necessary), the supply of sign foundations, engineering, structures and LED digital sections, in addition to contractor costs related to installation, electrification and maintenance of any such signs.Once the required municipal permitting has been released, we will communicate effectively and will work closely with your building operations team to ensure the constriction is smooth and does not affect the day-to-day business on site. The moment our sign is activate, our lease then commences and our mutually beneficial partnership begins!


Our objective is to always maximize your Real Estate by installing the most premium sign type our advertisers demand for and which various municipal bylaws allow for. The more iconic the sign, the more revenue we expect to receive from our clients. This means more revenue that we’re able to share with our landowners! Our business is built on being innovative and we’re always looking for ways to make our business stand out from the competition.Contact IMAGINE Outdoor Advertising today for your free property evaluation!

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